Tea Gift Renoir Art Collection

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Selection of three Darjeeling teas inspired by Renoir paintings.

Original packaging featuring Renoir's famous paintings, with a selection of mellow Darjeeling teas to match each film.  Authentic Darjeeling Second Flush was selected for (1) The Cups of Tea, which features an impressive tea-time scene. The original teas (2) Strawberries and (3) Apples and Flowers are blended with flavoursome strawberry and apple dried fruits and fruity aromas respectively. Enjoy the world of the masterpieces with these fragrant teas.

①"The Cup of Tea" Darjeeling Second Flush

②"Strawberries" Strawberry & Darjeeling

③"Apples and Flowers" Apple & Darjeeling

2.5g /tea bag  x 10 tea bags /can x 3 cans