Made-to-order Tea

Made-to-order Tea / Custom-made Tea / Bespoke Tea

Custom-made tea ・Original blend tea

Custom Blended Tea / Bespoke Tea


Only one value. Your very own original tea.

We will customise your own original tea, the only one of its kind in the world. Why not treat yourself to a reward for all your hard work, or send a cup of your own original tea to someone special, or to someone you have cared for?

Tell us the purpose and concept of you, as well as your favourite flavours and aromas. Chef-d'oeuvre will create a tailor-made tea that is unique and special to you, according to your particular needs and wishes. Enjoy your own ideal creation, different from ready-made teas.


(A) Original blended tea [Prix Fixe]

Choose your favorite 1) [Tea leaves], 2) [Flavors], 3) [Herbs & Flowers] from the prix fixe menu, depending on your mood and occasion, to create your own original tea blend.

(B) Made-to-order black tea, made-to-order tea gift [Full order]

Chef-d'oeuvre will tailor-make your own personalised tea.
Why not add your own personalised flavour and colour to your everyday life?


1. Select the intended use/occasion

For yourself, gifts, original products, novelties, events, weddings, etc.

2. Choose Tea leaves

Indian black tea, Ceylon black tea, Taiwanese tea, Japanese tea, herbal tea, etc.


3. Choose a Flavour

Citrus, fruit, vanilla, liqueur, etc.


4. Choose Packaging

Aluminum packs, cans, boxes, etc.

Label/notation content/design, etc.

5. Choose an option

Gift wrapping, message cards, etc.


Original Tea for such people

1. Those who are tired of commercial tea and want to make their own special tea

2. Those who want to enjoy tea with their favorite aroma, those who want to relax with their favorite aroma and taste

3. Those who want to send original gifts for events and anniversaries

4. Companies that want to do their own PR (store original products, office use, original gifts, premium offers, opening celebrations, anniversary celebrations, etc.)


Original Tea at times like this

1. Enjoy your own original tea - your favorite tea

2. Original gifts for events - weddings (gifts, petit gifts), Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, etc.

3. Gifts - mid-year gifts, year-end gifts, various celebrations (birth gifts, entrance gifts, graduation gifts, employment gifts, wedding gifts, retirement gifts)

4. Present - Birthday present

5. PR - As a tool for original products, novelties, brand PR and corporate PR for blends, companies and stores


Price of custom-made tea and custom-made tea

We accept orders from 10,000 yen or more (from 500g).

*Prices vary depending on the type, quantity, packaging, design, etc. of tea leaves and materials used.
*Please note that it takes about 2-3 weeks (or more than a month depending on the ingredients) from the time you place your order to the production and delivery of your custom-made tea.


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