Darjeeling TURZUM Wonder Muscatel Second Flush

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Darjeeling Second Flush TURZUM SFTGFOP1 (CL) WONDER MUSCATEL [Organic]

Masterpiece tea of ​​Darjeeling second flush. Wonder tea.

Carefully selected and airlifted seasonal masterpiece tea leaves from the Darjeeling TURZUM Tea Estate, which is one of the leading organic tea gardens in Darjeeling and is world-famous for the highest quality clonal Darjeeling black tea.

Fruity and mellow aroma like freshly picked grapes, a mellow and elegant sweetness like moderately ripened fruit, and deep and beautiful taste and mild richness unique to seasonal Muscatel Darjeeling. 

Enjoy the rich aroma and seductive taste of Darjeeling Second Flush, the Champagne of Tea.