Darjeeling MIM White Tea First Flush

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Darjeeling First Flush MIM Premium White Tea (Organic).

At the Mim Tea Estate, which is world-famous for producing rare and high-quality Darjeeling teas, the tender new shoots and young leaves that have just sprouted before dawn are carefully hand-picked, naturally withered and dried to create precious Darjeeling white tea (weakly fermented). tea). The beautiful silvery white shoots and green young leaves of the tea leaves retain their shape as they were picked, reminding us of the fresh green tea fields of Darjeeling where the air is clear. Darjeeling White Tea, where you can feel the vitality of tea leaves, is attractive with the gentle scent of a highland breeze and the delicate sweetness of new shoots and young leaves.

<White tea>
White tea is also known for its higher catechins (polyphenols with antioxidant properties) content than green tea, making it more potent in antioxidants.
In recent years, in Europe and the United States, attention to white tea has been increasing due to its high health, anti-aging, and whitening effects. "White tea" is adopted as a product.