Darjeeling First Flush 2023 LIZA HILL MOONSHINE SYMPHONY

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2023 Darjeeling First Flush Specialty Tea

Darjeeling LIZA HILL MOONSHINE SYMPHONY First Flush 2023

Special limited edition of the signature tea Liza Hill Moonshine from the world-famous Liza Hill tea estate for producing high-quality organic Darjeeling tea.
Enjoy the 2023 Darjeeling First Flush Gem Specialty Tea, created by Darjeeling's renowned garden.

From the tea plants slowly nourishing and growing in the best clonal plots in the highlands of the Liza Hill Tea Estate, before dawn, the most experienced senior tea pluckers in the tea estate use traditional torchlight. The rare Darjeeling First Flush is hand-picked from only the tender new shoots and young leaves that are wet with the evening dew, and carefully processed by skilled craftsmen with their excellent experience and techniques.

Beautiful tea leaves with shining silver tips (silver-white buds) take on a golden light color when hot water is poured in, and a noble and floral fragrance like white flowers blooming in the Himalayan highlands rises. When you take a sip, it has a smooth and delicate mouthfeel, with a fruity, sweet and deep mellow taste that contains complex nuances of fruits such as freshly picked white peach, plum and apricot, and nectar.

Darjeeling Liza Hill Tea Estate is an independent special plot of Risheehat where high-quality clonal organic Darjeeling tea is cultivated and the freshly picked leaves are processed separately from the main plot of Risheehat at the Risheehat Tea Estate. and shipped under the Liza Hill brand.
Liza Hill Tea Estate is located in a beautiful valley overlooking the famous Kanchanjunga. The ideal conditions of steep topography, fertile soil, humid and cool climate and sufficient rainfall are the ideal conditions for the production of the finest organic Darjeeling. contributes to

Liza Hill Tea Estate and Risheehat Tea Estate have acquired organic certification and fair trade certification from IMO (Organic certification organization headquartered in Switzerland), ISO and HACCP certification from TUV NORD (certification organization headquartered in Germany).