Darjeeling BADAMTAM (Organic) MOONLIGHT WHITE First Flush

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Darjeeling BADAMTAM (Organic) MOONLIGHT WHITE Tea First Flush

Badamtam, one of Darjeeling's finest tea estates, from the excellent clonal variety (AV2) tea plants grown in special plots in the highlands of the tea plantation, only soft shoots with downy hair that have just sprouted in spring. It is a Darjeeling tea that is carefully hand-picked with meticulous care, and draws out the original aroma and taste of First Flush Darjeeling tea leaves as much as possible without human intervention.

The beautiful tea leaves of silver tips (silver-white buds) are reminiscent of elegant champagne, with a floral and sophisticated fragrance like white flowers, a silky smooth taste like nectar, and a juicy white peach. The fruity sweetness and pleasant aftertaste of citrus are captivating. 

Badamtam Tea Estate is a historic tea estate founded in the 1860s, located in a beautiful valley overlooking the famous Kanchenjunga, adjacent to Sikkim in northern Darjeeling. In recent years, it has produced the highest quality organic Darjeeling tea, and its exceptional quality is traded at a very high price, making it a coveted target for tea lovers around the world.

In particular, the rare spring-picked specialty is gaining popularity around the world as one of the finest Darjeeling First Flush. Please try it once.