Darjeeling BADAMTAM Muscatel Exclusive Second Flush

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Darjeeling Second Flush Limited Edition


Darjeeling Second Flush Muscatel's masterpiece black tea. 

Badamtam Tea Estate is a historic tea estate founded in the 1860s, located in a beautiful valley overlooking the famous Kanchenjunga, adjacent to Sikkim in northern Darjeeling. In recent years, it has produced the highest quality organic Darjeeling tea, and its exceptional quality is traded at a very high price, making it a coveted target for tea lovers around the world.

Badamtam is one of the tea estates of the Goodricke Group, which manages some of Darjeeling's most famous gardens such as Castleton, Margaret's Hope, Thurbo, and Barnesbeg. 

Chef-d'oeuvre picked a selection of Muscatel Darjeeling masterpieces specially produced in very small batches during the peak quality of the Darjeeling Second Flush from the Badamtam Tea Estate.

Darjeeling tea, which is carefully hand-picked only the new shoots and young leaves from the selected tea trees that are in season, and carefully processed with the utmost care and time, contains an abundance of silver tips and is full of wonderful aromas. . When you pour hot water, the fruity and elegant aroma and the deep taste of sweet muscatel spread in your mouth as if you were in an orchard in the sky.

Enjoy the mellow aroma and rich taste of Darjeeling Second Flush Muscatel.