Darjeeling BADAMTAM (Organic) MOONLIGHT Second Flush

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Darjeeling Second Flush Specialty Tea


Darjeeling White Tea Moonlight Second Flush.

Badamtam Tea Estate is a historic tea estate founded in the 1860s, located in a beautiful valley overlooking the famous Kanchenjunga, adjacent to Sikkim in northern Darjeeling. In recent years, it has produced the highest quality organic Darjeeling tea, and its exceptional quality is traded at a very high price, making it a coveted target for tea lovers around the world.

Rare Darjeeling Second Flush White Tea from Badamtam, a famous garden in Darjeeling, has been carefully selected and airlifted.

The mysterious scent reminiscent of the lovely flowers and wildflowers that bloom in the Himalayan highlands, and the very delicate and mellow taste will captivate you. Enjoy the elegant aftertaste of elegant Darjeeling White Tea.