Herbal Infusion KUROMOJI – Japanese SPICEBUSH – Lindera umbellate

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KUROMOJI – Japanese SPICEBUSH – Lindera umbellate MADE IN JAPAN

Kuromoji is a deciduous shrub of the Lauraceae family that grows naturally in Japan, and the name comes from the black spots on the branches that look like letters.

Kuromoji, which is an endemic species of Japan, has a characteristic fragrance that is also called “Japan-originated aroma,” “Japanese Earl Grey”. It contains a lot of linalool, which is the scent of flowers, and has an elegant and very fragrant scent.
Enjoy the Japanese forest scent "Kuromoji" as an herbal tea or as an accent to dishes and desserts.

{Ingredients:  Kuromoji (produced in Iwate Prefecture in JAPAN) 100%}