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About Aglaia Co., Ltd.


●What is Aglaia?

Aglaia is the name of the Greek goddess of light (Aglaia = Brilliance), one of the Three Graces, the three daughters of Zeus, the almighty god in Greek mythology.


●Provision of high-quality Teas

Aglaia, with the brand Chef-d'oeuvre (meaning "Masterpiece" in French), under the concept of "Supreme taste and aroma, Pursuit of Masterpieces", we are thoroughly committed to the finest, freshest and most delicious teas, and carefully select the finest black tea, Chinese tea, Taiwanese tea and herbal tea leaves from the world's famous tea-producing regions, offering only truly high-quality teas for those who pursue a genuine taste. We select only the finest teas from the world's most renowned tea regions for those who seek authenticity and taste.

Our experienced tea tasters select from the finest tea leaves picked and produced in the quality season (the season when the finest teas are harvested) in the world's most prestigious tea-producing regions and estates, with a passion to offer the best tea for those who appreciate genuine quality. The top-quality tea leaves are selected with the utmost care and attention to quality and aroma, and are further sifted and selected to deliver the freshest tea possible.

A wide range of carefully selected teas, including world black tea, Chinese and Taiwanese tea, Japanese tea, Japanese black tea, herbal tea, fruit tea and flavoured tea, as well as a wide range of other teas,

Original blends and original flavoured teas with a focus on ingredients, taste and aroma, and other diverse and original creations of quality and originality, all in original designs and packaging.

●Production of Bespoke Teas (Custom-made Teas)

We produce and sell a wide variety of original blends and flavoured teas, from tea leaf selections to tailor-made products to suit individual customer requirements.

Tea is an indispensable drink for a moment of peace and pleasure, whether it is for a family gathering, a chat with friends or a lover.
Through the brand Chef-d'oeuvre, we will continue to create moments of bliss for everyone.

Enjoy the rich world of Chef-d'oeuvre, masterpieces of taste and aroma.


Aglaia Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

Aglaia Co., Ltd.

Established:  July 2005

Head office:  3-3-10, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061, Japan

Managing Director:  Masato Kudo

Main Business: 

Import, export, planning, production and sales of tea and foodstuffs.
Planning and production of Custom-made tea and Private-label products.
Planning and operation of tea seminars and events