Wholesale & Business Use

■Information on Business sales / Wholesale

We import carefully selected high-quality black tea, oolong tea and other teas from India, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan and other famous tea-producing regions of the world on request, and offer them at reasonable prices.
Our network of tea experts, specialists and tea gardens around the world ensures that we deliver the best tea for your company. We can also create high quality flavoured teas with your preferred aroma and tea leaves.
Our designers can also create branded products, gifts and presents with original labels. Please feel free to contact us for advice on everything from importing and purchasing tea, to cleaning, blending, flavouring and outsourced tea bag production. We look forward to hearing from you, whether you are a wholesaler of tea leaves for commercial use or wish to create original products or gifts.


●For such Companies and Managers

・Want to purchase high quality black tea, Chinese tea or Taiwanese tea regularly for hotels, restaurants, cafes, tea shops, etc.
・Want to create your own original blends and products
・Want to make your own original gifts
・Want to trade in bulk teas or raw materials


Aglaia's High value-added Services

・Direct import and wholesale of tea bags from overseas tea producers/tea gardens and overseas blenders.
・Overseas production and direct import of tea bags
・Production of original blended teas
・Production of original flavoured teas
・Original tea bag production in Japan
・Original packaging design
・Planning and development of Private-label products
・Provision of information on overseas tea regions, black tea and oolong tea.
・Dispatch of lecturers to tea seminars
・Planning tea parties
・Consulting for tea-related businesses and activities.



Inquiries about wholesale, business dealings, etc.



E-mail:  info @ chef-doeuvre.info


Aglaia Co., Ltd.

E-mail:  info @ aglaia.co.jp