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Darjeeling Autumnal

Margaret's Hope


Darjeeling Margaret's Hope Tea Estate Autumnal.

This is a masterpiece of Autumnal Darjeeling from the famous Margaret's Hope. The new shoots and young leaves are hand-picked during the bountiful harvest, and are filled with a mellow sweetness and gentle flavor reminiscent of muscat raisins, dried apricots, and orangery.

Margaret's Hope Tea Estate, Darjeeling
Darjeeling Margaret's Hope Tea Estate

Margaret's Hope Tea Estate in Kurseong District, Darjeeling is a traditional and prestigious top estate that produces excellent black tea in Darjeeling. The tea plantations, which spread across an altitude difference of 915m to 1830m, mainly cultivate Chinese tea plants.
Margaret's Hope's vast tea estate is made up of five divisions: Edenvale, Maharani Hills, Margaret's Hope, Dilaram and Ringtong, all of which are produced at a single factory in Margaret's Hope.
Margaret's Hope black tea is characterized by its mellow and sweet flavor, which matches Japanese tastes perfectly and is popular among black tea lovers.
Long ago, this tea plantation was called "Bara-Ringtong", but in the early 20th century, Mr. Cruikshank, an Englishman who owned the plantation, gave it the name "Margaret's Hope" in 1927. His daughter Margaret, who lived in London at the time, was captivated by the beauty of the plantation when she visited it and wished to "return to the plantation", but she fell ill with a tropical disease on the ship on the way back to England, and her wish was not granted. Mr. Cruikshank gave the plantation the beautiful name "Margaret's Hope" with his daughter's thoughts in mind.
Margaret's Hope Tea Estate has been owned and operated by the Goodricke Group, the largest producer of Darjeeling black tea, since 1984. The Goodricke Group's tea estates include "Castleton" and "Thurbo", which are among the highest rated tea estates in Darjeeling along with Margaret's Hope, and the talented managers of each estate rotate between these estates on a regular basis, working hard to produce the highest quality black tea.