Original Blend Tea [Prix-fixe] (B)

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Create your original blend tea♪
Create your own original blended tea!

Prix-fixe style original blended tea that you can feel free to use the made-to-order tea service of <Chef-d'oeuvre>, which blends original teas to order.

Choose your favorite 1) [Tea leaves] , 2) [Flavors] , 3) [Herbs & flowers] (No.1 to No.3) from the Prix-fixe menu according to your mood and occasion. .

Our experienced tea blender of Chef-d'oeuvre will make your original blended tea from the combination of your choice.

《How to order original blended tea》

■Step 1: Choose the base [Tea leaves] .

■Step 2: Choose the [Flavor] to add to the tea leaves.

■Step 3-1: Select [Herb & Flower No.1] to add to the tea leaves.

■Step 3-2: Select [Herb & Flower No.2] to add to the tea leaves.

■Step 3-3: Select [Herb & Flower No.3] to add to the tea leaves.

■Step 4: Choose an option. (Only if requested)
Write your text message on the label of the original blend

● Fill in [Naming] .
● Enter [Other texts or messages to be added] .

■Step 5: Choose the desired size (quantity) .


*If you would like to create a full-order product such as tea leaves, flavors, herbs and flowers, packaging, tea bag processing, etc. other than the prix fixe menu, please contact us individually.