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"Dong Feng Mei Ren" is called "Oriental Beauty" in Europe, and is a highly prized Taiwanese tea masterpiece.

Introduced to Europe in the early 20th century, this world-famous oriental beauty tea is hailed as the 'Oriental Champagne' by the British upper class.
It has a unique flavor similar to black tea, and has a dense and sweet aroma like honey. It is the only tea in the world that is made only in Taiwan, and the tea leaves are brightly colored and contain many sprouts covered with white downy hair. Please enjoy the mysterious and enchanting aroma and mellow and gentle taste.

It has the highest degree of fermentation among Oolong teas and has a honey scent. It features a mellow and fruity sweetness similar to black tea. In Taiwan, it is a high-quality Oolong tea unique to Taiwan with many names such as "Bai Hao Oolong Tea", "Eastern Beauty",  "Silver Tip Oolong", Silver Tip Formosa", "Dong Feng Mei Ren", "Peng Feng", "Pong Fong" and "Braggart's Tea".