Nuwara Eliya LOVER'S LEAP Seasonal Quality

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Ceylon Nuwara Eliya LOVER'S LEAP BOP Seasonal Quality.

Ceylon High Grown Tea from the highlands of Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya, which is cultivated at the highest altitude among all Ceylon high-grown teas (over 1800m above sea level), is called "Champagne of Ceylon Tea" due to its unique aroma. 

The Lovers Leap Division of the Pedro Tea Estate in the Nuwara Eliya region of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka is a famous historical garden established in 1885 and known as the place where Ceylon tea pioneer James Taylor planted tea trees for the first time. . LOVER'S LEAP tea is produced at an altitude of about 1900m.

Lovers Leap is a fine black tea made at the Pedro Tea Estate.

There is also a connection with the British royal family, and in 1954 the Duke of Edinburgh visited this area. On that occasion, the Duke planted many tea trees. In 2012, tea harvested from these tea plants was served at the "Diamond Jubilee" celebration of the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's accession to the throne.

Due to its high altitude, the area is blessed with excellent climatic conditions, with a temperature difference between day and night and moderate rainfall, resulting in an elegant, fragrant and unique tea flavor.
Every time you take a sip, the pale golden color of the cup shines, and the refreshing floral aroma, refreshing astringency, and pleasant taste will captivate you.

The name Lover's Leap comes from a magnificent waterfall called "Lover's Leap" near the tea estate. Lover's Leap tells the story of a romantic heartbreak. Once a Sri Lankan prince lost his way while hunting in the jungle and was rescued by a beautiful local girl. The two soon fell in love, but their relationship and marriage were not approved by the prince's father, the king. The king sent a servant to bring the prince back, but the prince refused to leave his lover and return to the capital. It is said that the prince immortalized their love by jumping down together with her from the top of the waterfall.