Jiuqu Red Plum Tea

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Jiuqu Red Plum Tea ( Jiǔ Qǔ Hóng Méi )

Black tea from Zhejiang, China.

Jiuqu Hongmei is a black tea that has been produced in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China for over 100 years.
The name “Jiuqu ” is said to have originated from the Jiuqu valley in Mt. Wuyi, Fujian Province. 

It is characterized by its unique elegant aroma, soft sweetness, and pleasant taste.

The history of Jiuqu Hongmei dates back to the Taiping era, when tea farmers from Fujian migrated to northern Zhejiang and cultivated land and cultivated tea. It is said that the production and quality improvement of black tea started when tea merchants bought it.

Jiuqu red plum tea is cultivated in a rich natural environment suitable for tea cultivation, surrounded by hills and mountains, and was awarded a gold medal at the Panama-Pacific World Exposition held in San Francisco in 1915. is. In 1992, Jiuqu Hongmei was recognized by China's Ministry of Agriculture as one of the highest quality Kungfu black teas, and in 2009, Jiuqu Hongmei tea making technology was also listed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Zhejiang Province.