Darjeeling MARGARET'S HOPE Moonlight Rendezvous Second Flush

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Darjeeling Second Flush MARGARET'S HOPE Moonlight Rendezvous.

Only the delicate fresh buds and young leaves of the best clonal variety (AV2) tea plants are slowly grown in the scenic plots overlooking the Himalayas in the highlands of the world-famous Darjeeling Margaret's Hope Tea Estate. Darjeeling specialty tea hand-picked and hand-crafted. The beautiful tea leaves, which contain abundant silver tips (silver-white buds), when hot water is poured, the tea infusion shines golden, and the gorgeous floral scent and sweetness of nectar, and the elegant and delicate taste will captivate you.


Margaret's Hope Tea Estate in Kurseong District, Darjeeling is one of Darjeeling's top estates with tradition and prestige. Tea plantations spread out on hills with an altitude difference of 915m to 1830m.

In the old days, this tea plantation was called "Bara-Ringtong", but in 1927, the English owner of the tea plantation in the early 20th century, Mr. Cruikshank, named it "Margaret's Hope".  When his daughter Margaret, who was living in London at the time, visited this tea plantation, she was fascinated by its beauty and wished to "return to this tea plantation again."  But she fell ill with a tropical disease and her wish never came true.  Mr. Cruikshank is said to have given the beautiful name "Margaret's Hope" in memory of his daughter.

Margaret's Hope's  tea is characterized by its mellow and sweet flavor, which perfectly matches the tastes of Japanese and is gaining popularity among tea lovers.