2022 Assam DEJOO SFTGFOP1 Second Flush

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Assam DEJOO SFTGFOP1 Second Flush

Assam DEJOO Tea Estate is located on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra River, a large river that flows through the Great Plain of Assam, in the state of Assam in the northeastern part of India.  DEJOO tea estate surrounded by beautiful nature and scenery with a river running through it. Nurtured in rich soil and a tropical climate with moderate rainfall, the high-quality black tea with a unique character of the Dejoo tea estate is highly evaluated even in Assam.

In particular, whole leaf specialty made with traditional orthodox manufacturing method is praised from all over the world and has updated high price records many times.

This beautiful black tea, which contains golden tips unique to high-quality Assam second flush, has a gorgeous malty aroma, elegant richness, and elegant sweetness, and a deep flavor that will captivate you.