Freeze-dried Sakura (Made in JAPAN)

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100% Cherry blossom natural herb from Japan.

Japan SAKURA (Cherry Blossoms) / Freeze-dried Sakura Flowers / SAKURA Tea / SAKURA Infusion / Made in JAPAN

Japanese cherry blossom freeze-dried flower herb tea "Sakura".

A Japanese floral herbal tea made from brightly coloured and fragrant cherry blossoms freeze-dried using a unique technology.
SAKURA (Cherry blossom) petals can be added to tea or floated in teacups to add an elegant floral colour to your tea scene. 
Cherry blossom petals grown in the rich natural environment of Japan are freeze-dried in their natural state.
Natural herbal tea made from 100% Japanese cherry blossoms. Additive-free and flavoring-free. 
Enjoy the elegant and sweet aroma of Japanese cherry blossoms "Sakura" and the delicate and lovely taste of the Sakura flowers.



[How to enjoy freeze-dried “SAKURA”]

A) As a natural herbal tea made from 100% cherry blossoms.

~ Extract carefully and enjoy the lovely scent and delicate flavor of cherry blossoms.

B) Add cherry blossoms to black tea or herbal tea / Float cherry blossoms in a teacup

~ Put a few cherry blossom petals in a tea cup and pour your favorite tea (black tea, green tea, herbal tea, etc.) Add the color and fragrance of cherry blossoms to your tea time.

C) Use cherry blossom petals as a decoration and topping for food and sweets. As an accent for serving dishes. For cherry blossom flavoring.

D) Serve with your favorite drink, such as champagne, wine, or cocktails.

~ Float the cherry blossom petals in the glass and make it gorgeous.


E) For making Ice with cherry blossoms.

~Sprinkle the flower petals on the ice tray to make ice, and enjoy the elegant ice with cherry blossoms. For decorating iced teas and drinks.


Japanese cherry blossoms freeze-dried flower herbal tea "SAKURA".

Cherry blossom petals can be enjoyed with all five senses by adding to tea or floating in a teacup, which creates an elegant floral atmosphere to your tea time, as if you were enjoying "Hanami".

This natural herb is made from 100% pure Japanese cherry blossoms (Sakura) by using our unique freeze-drying technology to keep natural color and flavor.
Enjoy the elegant and sweet aroma of Japanese cherry blossoms and the delicate and lovely taste of Sakura flowers that provides visual and olfactory stimulation.