Blended Teas of the world

Blended Teas of the world

Tea makers (blenders, packers) around the world make original blended teas in each country that suit the tastes of consumers in each region.

For example, in Russia, the main blend is rich black tea, and in Ireland, where black tea consumption is high in the world, a traditional blend characterized by a rich flavor and dark brown light blue color is drunk as milk tea. .
In Arab countries, on the other hand, teas with a lighter taste and mint flavor are blended.

These blended teas are given unique brand names by each company.・You can also find tea such as Wellington Blend.

■ Breakfast blend

As a typical blended tea in England, there is a "English Breakfast" blend as a breakfast tea.
In the past, in England, Chinese Keemun tea was considered the best tea to go with scrambled eggs, muffins, etc. for breakfast (breakfast), but today's breakfast blends are usually
1) Assam black tea (dark light blue, to give a rich flavor),
2) Ceylon black tea (for a crisp and refreshing taste),
3) African black tea (to bring out the red copper color, depth and richness)
It is a tea that matches the British breakfast menu with fried eggs, bacon, marmalade, etc.
English breakfasts are generally characterized by 'strength of flavor'.

Also, for the Irish Breakfast blend, Assam CTC,
They tend to blend more Kenyan CTC and generally have a deep, dark copper color in the cup and a strong flavor.

■ Afternoon Blend

For afternoon chats and afternoon breaks, there are blended teas called "Afternoon Tea Blend" and "Afternoon Blend".
Mild flavors are sought after to mellow and refresh the afternoon, as opposed to the stronger "Breakfast Blends".
Therefore, in "Afternoon Blend",

Often used are 1) the delicate Darjeeling and 2) the fragrant Ceylon highland black tea or 3) the Chinese Keemun black tea.
In addition, "Earl Gray" and "Jasmine Tea", which are blended with the scent of bergamot and jasmine to create an elegant scent, are also popular.
Afternoon blends are generally characterized by their "fragrant goodness".
In addition, when enjoying with sandwiches, scones, cakes, etc., there are some that blend Ceylon with Chinese Yunnan black tea, Assam black tea, and Indonesian black tea to add a little richness to the black tea.

As mentioned above, "Breakfast Blend" and "Afternoon Blend" are made according to the scene of the day, but there is not necessarily a rule about which tea should be drunk at what time.
Food culture and eating habits change with the times, and depending on the season, weather, location, atmosphere, food pairings, and who you drink tea with, the tea that is best suited for that occasion will change. .

Black tea is a luxury item, so I think everyone has their favorite aroma and taste.
In order to know your favorite taste, try drinking and comparing various teas in various scenes,
Why don't you find your best cup and best tea time?


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